Don’t panic

Yes, I changed my theme. I got tired of the old one chopping the sides off my pictures, and I couldn’t customize this theme the same way as the old one. It’ll grow on us.

Well, this barks.

As you might have noticed, this isn’t Windows Live Spaces anymore. Spaces is being put out if its misery, which is really no surprise since they weren’t really enhancing it much and were actually starting to take features away (statistics, I’m looking at you). They did allow export to WordPress, which is why I’m here now.

Unfortunately, while I saved off my posts, that apparently didn’t save anything else, so my old sidebar links are gone. I didn’t have the foresight to at least do a screen capture of the old screen so I could reassemble it here, so please excuse the dust while I try to salvage what I can.

WordPress is, at least, a more full-featured blog service. I just need to get used to it.


Hello. Allow myself to introduce… myself.
On the interwebs, I go by the handle Elle, and will answer to that name when called. In real life, my name is Michelle. I answer to that name too. I’m a tech writer at Microsoft, for the Xbox 360 console and accessories. When I’m not working, I’m enjoying life with my husband, a chinchilla, seven sugar gliders, a few reef tanks, and some fast cars. I’m also a crafty girl. At present I’m on a huge knitting jag.
I already have a blog for work, but I decided to start this one up in case I feel like talking about stuff that isn’t related to Xbox 360 or gaming. Since my hobbies and interests include gaming, I might end up over there for some of that stuff, so things might seem a little scattered at times. I mostly started this up to start sharing knitting and other projects, but who knows what I’ll come up with.
Welcome, and thanks for visiting.