Hello. Allow myself to introduce… myself.
On the interwebs, I go by the handle Elle, and will answer to that name when called. In real life, my name is Michelle. I answer to that name too. I’m a tech writer at Microsoft, for the Xbox 360 console and accessories. When I’m not working, I’m enjoying life with my husband, a chinchilla, seven sugar gliders, a few reef tanks, and some fast cars. I’m also a crafty girl. At present I’m on a huge knitting jag.
I already have a blog for work, but I decided to start this one up in case I feel like talking about stuff that isn’t related to Xbox 360 or gaming. Since my hobbies and interests include gaming, I might end up over there for some of that stuff, so things might seem a little scattered at times. I mostly started this up to start sharing knitting and other projects, but who knows what I’ll come up with.
Welcome, and thanks for visiting.

About Elle
May I mambo dogface to the banana patch?

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