Buk buk buk… bukawk!

Shhhh. Quit making so much noise.
So… I’ve actually been kind of busy over the last couple of months. Lots of things going on at work, and we just moved to a new office building. Craft-wise, I did finish a project that I haven’t shared yet because I’m also writing a pattern. More on that later.
For now, though, I just finished a knitalong project for my local yarn store, Renaissance Yarns. Some patrons are making knitted chickens for display during the LYS Tour next month. Here’s mine, a charted chicken:
The pattern is called Knit Chickens from Blue Sky Alpacas. The yarn is Dyed Cotton, also from Blue Sky. The pattern as written will produce chickens in three sizes, striped, or solid with embellishments. I did my own thing and wrote a chart for stranded colorwork on the body. I rather like the effect.
Edit: psst… the chart I made for this is now available for download.