Fall Forest shawl

I’m down in California this weekend to visit family and go to a friend’s wedding. The wedding was yesterday, so I can post my bride gift:
The wedding was held deep in a forest at a retreat, so I wanted to make something that signified fall in the forest. The pattern is Luscious Forests Lace Shawl by Anna Dalvi, and the yarn is Malabrigo Merino Worsted in the Loro barranquero colorway.
The wedding was beautiful. Much love to the happy couple!


So, my husband took a week off in late July to build a deck. A week, ha! He got most of the framing done that week (which was the hardest part anyway), leaving the rest to be finished on the evenings and weekends through August. He did most of the cutting and nailing, I did most of the staining. Thems a lot of wood. We still need to put some trim on, but I’m calling it done. Behold!

I really like the wrap-around steps. Really leaves it open to the yard. Now we just need to get some furniture. Unfortunately, summer’s almost out, and patio furniture is getting hard to find. But hey, at least we have a beautiful deck!

Blast from the past

Today was a big day for nostalgia. I’ve e-reunited with my three best friends from high school. I’ve been thinking about them a lot this summer because my 20-year reunion is next month. (I probably won’t go, though.) Well, one friend found and friended me on Facebook, which then prompted me to go looking for the other two. I found one, and friended her, and dug up e-mail for the other and contacted her too.
Now I feel all warm and fuzzy. Hi, girls! I’ve missed you, and I’m sorry for not keeping in touch!