Stitches West 2014: Day 4

Last day! I’m sitting in the San Jose airport now, waiting to board.

Didn’t do much today. I lounged, packed, then hit the market. Only got a couple of things. I guess nothing really grabbed me this year!

No good pics today, so here’s my lunch:

Good Stitches this year, it was great to see all my knitting friends!

Stitches West 2014: Day 3

Oh, Saturday. Beautiful Saturday.

Just one class today: Tops, Locks, & Handspun with Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. It was an interesting class about applying bits of wool and yarn to your knitting for striking effects.

We just experimented with different material and techniques. Here’s my end swatch. Colorful, no?

After that I went to the market, but again didn’t have time to get through it all. Last chance is tomorrow!

Stitches West 2014: Day 2

Ok! Day 2!

I had an all-day nuno felting class, taught by the irrepressible Judy Pascale.

We made scarves, laying wool roving on hand-dyed silk, then wetting and massaging and fiddling until it felted. Here’s mine, before and after:

I’m not super happy with how it turned out (I think it looks like leeches, and it shrank too much!) but it’s all a learning experience, right?

After class, my friend Erin and I went to the fashion show and dinner. There were some really stunning handknits on display, but you wouldn’t know it from this pic (I could see fine, it’s just the pic that makes it look small!)

I didn’t even get to the market today. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!

Stitches West 2014: Day 1

Hey! I’m doing pretty good on this posting thing! Two in a row!

So today was opening day of Stitches West 2014. I, having stayed up much too late last night, completely missed the Opening Day Spotlight, but was able to make the luncheon afterwards. Because, you know, food.

I didn’t have any classes today, so I took it easy, knitted some, and then went to the market preview. This is when they open the doors to students only for a few hours (no public, that starts tomorrow). Here’s what that small crowd looks like:

And a quick glimpse of the market going in right after the doors opened:

After the market I met up with my budz and we went to dinner, and came back and had margaritas. Ole’.

Tomorrow I have an all-day felting class. Wish me luck!

Stitches West 2014: Prologue

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Hee hee hee.

Ho ho ho.


Yeah, it’s been a whole year since I posted last. Know how I know? My last post was about Stitches West 2013, and… guess where I am. Go on, I’ll wait. C’mon.

Ok, ok. You win. I’m at Stitches West 2014. I know, right?

So, per my ritual, I flew in the day before it opens so I can have a leisurely morning tomorrow before things get going. Today I’ve been quietly hanging out in my room, browsing teh interwebs and thinking I should probably actually post something to my blog. So here we are.

And… my hotel room has groovy chair.