Zune Cozy

Way back at Zune launch, and again when Zune 2.0 released, I knit up a bunch of Zune cozies to give away. Most of them were a super-simple pattern knit with Noro Kureyon, but they’re so quick that I did them in a bunch of different yarns.
This is the pattern I used. The cozy is worked in the round in simple stockingette. Show off your lovely yarns while protecting your Zune at the same time!
Instructions given are for Zune 80/120 (4/8/16, 30).
18 (11, 20) yards Noro Kureyon or other worsted/aran weight yarn
Set of US 7 double-pointed needles, or size to gauge
Set of US 5 double-pointed needles, or two sizes smaller than above
Tapestry needle
1" = 4.5 st
The Zune cozy is knitted in the round, top-down, starting with the opening.
On the smaller needle, cast on 26 (18, 26) stitches.
Distribute stitches over three of the same size double-pointed needles.
Work 4 rows 1×1 rib (k1, p1) around.
Working on to the larger needles, knit around.
Continue knitting stockingette around on larger needles until piece reaches approx. 4.5" (4", 5") in length, then knit 2 more rounds.
Push cast-on end through the middle of the three needles, turning the piece inside-out.
Distribute stitches onto two of the double-pointed needles, half on one needle, half on the other.
Knit the ends together using a three-needle bind off. (Knit stitches on both needles together and bind off.)
With tapestry needle, weave in ends.
Turn the cozy right side out, block (if necessary), and you’re done!
Tips and Tricks
  • If you don’t get your gauge exact, don’t worry. Your Zune is very forgiving, and knit fabrics do stretch a little.
  • There are many ways to create a Zune cozy. Try rib all the way down, try different yarns, different stitches, different edges at the top. Add embellishments. Maybe an i-cord strap!
  • The idea behind a two-sizes-smaller rib up top is so that the top closes a bit around the top of the Zune. Don’t worry too much about casting on loosely. Casting on with regular tension on the smaller needles makes for an opening that closes nicely around the Zune.
  • I sometimes do my three-needle bind off with a smaller needle, to draw the seam in a bit. You could use a kitchener stitch to close, which would leave a seamless bottom.
  • You can really use any yarn you wish. If it’s a different weight, do a quick swatch and adjust the number of stitches accordingly. Completed sizes should be around the following.
    – Zune 30: 6" round, 5" tall
    – Zune 80/120: 6" round, 4.5" tall
    – Zune 4/8/16: 4" round, 4" tall
  • Obviously, these measurements are Zune-centric, but you can adapt them to just about any electronic device.
Happy knitting, and rock on!
Questions? E-mail me: ellemennop (at) live (dot) com.

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