Still alive

Oh my… it’s been over two years since my last post! Don’t worry, I’m still around. My crafting mojo isn’t what it used to be, haven’t gone to the last two Stitches West shows, but I’m still around and doing stuff, kind of. Some highlights, in which I:

Finished a bathroom reno…

Got into nail art…

Adopted a couple of kittens…

Finished a kitchen reno…

And went on a Hawaiian cruise.

That’s not everything, obviously, just enough to make my life seem exciting. ;)

If I’m doing anything with knitting, crocheting or other fibery things, you’ll probably find it on Ravelry, or maybe (depending on how much I get into it as a new hobby) the new Ravelry-like site for sewing, Textillia.

I’m not sure when I’ll post again, but until then, here’s one of the kitties.


Stitches West 2012: Prologue

I’m in Santa Clara for another Stitches West! It doesn’t start till tomorrow; I like to get here the day before so I’m not rushing around on the first day.

Last year, I posted some complaints about my trip down. In a surprising reversal, everything went smoothly this year. I am amazingly unannoyed. Here’s why:

  • I was not subjected to a full-body scan by airport security.
  • I heard all of the boarding announcements and boarded in a timely manner.
  • The one-year-old baby next to me on the plane was well-behaved and slept most of the way.
  • The TSA did not search my bag.

There’s really only one annoyance that continues from last year:

  • The sinks at the hotel are still stupid.

But that’s ok. Also, this is my view:

View from the hotel

It’s 75 degrees right now. Oh my.

Thing-a-Week #48

Alright. Back to weaving now. Another pooling scarf.

Thing a Week #48: Woven Scarf

This is using Blue Moon Socks that Rock superwash wool in the “Tricoter / LYS Tour 2009” colorway for the warp, and Navy Valley Yarns tencel for the weft. I like this pooling stuff.

Oh, and I’m off to Stitches West this week. Maybe I’ll cheat and make one of my class projects this week’s thing. Easy, right?


I joined Pinterest in 2010. I joined the site so early that I was able to get the perfect user name for me: Elle.

Today, Pinterest took my name away.

Apparently the Elle brand (presumably of magazine and fashion fame) decided they wanted a presence on Pinterest, and wrote to them requesting the name Elle. Pinterest force-changed my name, then sent me mail saying I had to forfeit my name because of a trademark request.

The trademark thing is a crock: Elle is too common a name, and they’ve been spanked before trying to defend it. It’s got to be about business, about exposure for Elle and hits for the site. Pinterest just caved. No doubt Elle will fill their pinboards with all manner of beautiful imagery, and bring thousands of Elle magazine and fashion followers to the site. And Pinterest isn’t alone. Twitter does it too, and probably many others I’m not even aware of.

Even understanding the business aspect of it, it still sucks. I mean, if any of us wanted our chosen name on a social networking site, and it was taken, we’d be shit out of luck. I’d have to choose Elle123 or ElleToo or use any number of tricks to get a unique name. And it’s not a big deal. Other Elles got there first. It’s a fact of internet life.

Unless you’re a company forcing your way onto a site who’ll lick your boots for traffic. I shouldn’t be surprised, I guess. Just annoyed.

Update 2/8: Please be nice to the poor newbie currently inhabiting the name. Pinterest didn’t have the foresight to reserve it after kicking me off (it can be as simple as parking it on a fake account, people!), so there’s likely to be a series of soon-to-be-disappointed new users on that URL. I’m sure we’ll be able to tell when the Elle brand finally claims it.

Update 2/13: And Elle Magazine has finally claimed the username. Took them long enough. What was the rush taking it from me, then? :P

Update 2/17: So they finally half-heartedly put 5 pins up, 4 days after claiming the name. Their description is a copy/paste of their Twitter description: “the official Twitter page of ELLE Magazine, the number one fashion magazine in the world.” Couldn’t even be arsed to change “Twitter” to “Pinterest.” Seriously? This is what I gave up my name for?

Such a girl.

Growing up, I really didn’t conform much to the girl stereotype. I didn’t enjoy Barbies, instead preferring to play with Legos. I was more interested in Greek myths than Holly Hobbie. I played trumpet, not flute. And through high school, I couldn’t care less about clothes, but I loved my computer.

And so it went, until five or six years ago. I began wearing nicer clothes, and started doing something with my hair. A little over two years ago I stepped into Sephora for a makeover and walked out with a new makeup routine. And last year I started wearing nail polish on a regular basis.

I’ve become a girl.

This is my makeup. I can’t resist Urban Decay eyeshadow, and I have a thing for Buxom lip gloss. I have so many perfume samplers that I’ll never have to buy perfume again. I have 51 eye pencils, and a dozen mascaras. It’s madness.


I also overindulge in nail polish. Just recently, I got the OPI Sephora holiday mini set. And this week I picked up 3 bottles from the new OPI Nicki Minaj collection (not pictured). It’s like I see pretty colors and go all grabby-hands.

Nail Polish

Oh, and a couple of months ago I went in for a long-overdue bra fitting, and ended up with 4 pretty-pretty bras. This was one of them. I feel like a picnic when I wear it.

Note: this isn’t me. They’re Nordstrom stunt boobs.

I’m not sure why it happened, but I kind of like being a girl. Better late than never, I guess.

Oh no ewe didn’t

This is a dramatization of actual events in my household today, starting with a typical exchange in which I ask my husband if any mail arrived.

“Did we get any good mail today?”
“No, just the usual.”

*** hours pass; hubs comes to me with a package ***

“This came for you.”
“You told me nothing good came.”
“I forgot.”

Of course, this has me wondering whether there’s a stash of forgotten packages somewhere in this house.

Anyway… the package contained prezzies from a faraway land, from my friend Ewenique.

Gifts from Ewe

We have a very pretty Christmas card, some chocolates, a tea strainer (because this American barbarian didn’t own one), sticky notes, wee note cards, crane scissors (just like my grandmother’s, you have no idea how special this is!), beautiful cotton yarn, and a pair of gorgeous handmade bags. I love bags. Thank you so much, Ewenique!

I have to do these pictorials whenever Ewenique sends me something, because they’re so thoughtfully put together and really fun to touch and look at. I am truly fortunate to have a friend like her. :)

So handy

Oh hey look, a post from Elle. How nice of her to join us.

I’ve been on hiatus from my Things-a-Week due to work and other home things, but things are letting up. We did finish that shed I mentioned (um, in September, I’m a bit late). It’s pretty awesome.


The shed is 7′ x 12′ and now houses all of the non-car stuff, like the lawnmower and garden tools, that were cluttering the man-cave garage. It’s built and painted to match the house, and even has cute little leaded-glass windows that hubby picked up from the Millwork Outlet for way cheap ($9 each!).

My husband is so handy that right after the shed, he built an awning for our side patio. He’s a keeper, alright.


He also fell back in love with his 1972 Firebird Formula 455 (pictured) while he was building the awning around it, so that’s what he’s been working on the last couple of weeks. He tries to take me out for rides every chance he gets. :D

Oh, and it’s his birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday, schmoopie.

I do have a couple of crafty items to share, too, so I’ll post those when I take pics.

The State of Things

You might have noticed that I’ve missed a couple of Things-a-Week. I’m not giving up, but I might miss a few more here and there. Between work and other things, I just haven’t had time to do much of anything fibery lately. Why, this weekend, we started building a new shed! So I am doing things, just not Things.

So, stay tuned, but don’t be surprised if you don’t see something here every week for a little while.

Thing-a-Week #23

Thing-a-Week #22 was canceled on account of DISNEYLAND. And this week I didn’t get to do a fibery thing because of work stuff, so I processed some of my Disneyland photos instead. Enjoy!


Main Street Station

Goofy's Playhouse

Mickey's Soundsational Parade


Mickey's Fun Wheel


The rest are here.

Stitches West 2011: Prologue

This weekend is Stitches West in Santa Clara. If you remember, I was there last year. The festivities begin tomorrow.

I flew down this afternoon, enduring a succession of minor annoyances: it started with airport security, where I was “randomly selected” for a full body scan. The process itself was unobtrusive and really no worse than what we’ve been subjected to for the last decade. It’s just strange to think that someone in a booth somewhere is eyeing me through my clothes and reporting the results to the pat-down artists on the floor.

So, after that, I got to the gate with plenty of time to spare. The gate area was extremely crowded, so I found a seat by the next gate. I heard frequent announcements about my flight: first class is full, flight is full, etc. But apparently, the boarding announcements themselves are broadcast only to people within five feet of the door. I missed them all. I finally scoot over there at 15 minutes to departure to find that everyone already boarded. Really, guys? You announce everything but boarding over the PA?

The lady at the gate grabs my pass for a moment then hands it back without a word. I head onto the plane. Everyone is already seated, of course, so I go straight to the seat I was assigned. I know I was assigned the seat because I had enough foresight to look at my pass when I first got it. 15A. Ok. Well, yeah, it was 15A, until I got there and noticed a child in my seat and confused looks on her parents’ faces. So I look at my pass, and see that the mute gate lady crossed that out and put me in 6A without mentioning it. Just great. So I trudge back the 9 rows to my seat, looking like an idiot for holding an entire plane up.

I didn’t actually hold the plane up, by the way. We sat there for 15 more minutes before we pushed back anyway. The flight itself was pretty uneventful, though I did have some twit woman behind me remarking on every obvious thing she saw like it was a revelation. OMG, shut up. At least there were no babies crying in my ear.

And one final insult: when I got to my room and opened my bag, I found a note from airport security saying they’d opened up and searched my bag. Thanks TSA!

So here I am, alone in my hotel room, waiting for the convention to start. The sinks at this hotel are as stupid as they were last year:

Sink at the Hyatt

Looks nice, but it’s actually awkward, splashes a lot, and is not very functional.

More tomorrow!