So much knitting, so little time

I went away for a couple of weeks to help my mom after eye surgery (she’s just fine, folks!) and just got back this weekend. During recovery, my mom wasn’t supposed to move much, so I was there to do shopping, trips to the doctor, and general care. I figured I’d be sitting around her house a lot, so I brought yarn and needles for a few small knitting projects. A couple of scarves and a bag. Not much, right?
Wrong. I didn’t even get through the first project.
Not sure why. I did some work-work from there, and I guess I was out and about more than I’d anticipated. But I thought I’d have all this time to fill, and I only got halfway through a scarf! How does that happen? It’s got to be the mom-time-vortex. It’s the only explanation.
On a positive note, I really like the scarf. It’s a frilly, twisty Sea Lettuce Scarf. Really nifty pattern, with short rows making wedges that force the scarf to curl. Was knitting in public, too, working on it at the airport and on the plane, but only got one comment. Where were all the snoopy people? I was bored! I would have loved to tell you about my scarf!
I do have other projects piling up, too. About 7 in the immediate queue that I really want to start. I was trying to avoid starting more before I finish the scarf, but I broke down and started something for a friend’s baby last night. Bad Elle.