Tiptoeing through the…

Man, what a predictable title.

Hubs, my mother, and I went up to see the tulips yesterday. It was a cold, cloudy, blustery day, but at least the rain held off until we were done.

Tulip Fields

Tulip Fields



A few more pics here.


A forum I’m on held a craft kit thingy, where we were challenged to take items from a kit and turn them into something. The kit was kind of geared towards papercrafters, which I’m not, so I decided to do something with fiber. Meet FestOoned!


This gaudy monstrosity started out as some Corriedale wool top, which I spun with fabric bits from the kit into a bulky art yarn. I knit it into a tube to fit around a glass vase I had, and fastened more kit bits to it. There were fabric flowers in the kit, so I turned them into… flowers!

Spinning singles FestOoned
Finished knit and vase More bits

This was a swap, so I foisted it off on someone else, and in return, someone sent me theirs. I got crabs! Aren’t they cute?

Crabs at the Beach