Tiptoeing through the…

Man, what a predictable title.

Hubs, my mother, and I went up to see the tulips yesterday. It was a cold, cloudy, blustery day, but at least the rain held off until we were done.

Tulip Fields

Tulip Fields



A few more pics here.

Thing-a-Week #5

This one’s a little late. My mom’s in town, and some things just take priority over finishing up a project! Anyway, I finished spinning this yesterday, and had it drying overnight.

Thing a Week #5: Handspun

It’s 80% merino wool, 20% tussah silk, just like Thing #2. The color is “New Moon,” and this one ended up being a little heavier weight than the last one: 93 yards, 4 oz, bulky weight. I intend to use it with the pattern I wrote last week.

Thing-a-Week #4

Warning: this post isn’t very exciting.

This week I wrote the pattern for the neckwarmer I made last week. I made some minor tweaks to resize it, but I think it’s going to be pretty close.

It’s not quite ready to publish yet; I want to test it out first, so I have nothing to show you this week. You’ll just have to take my word for it!

Thing-a-Week #3

I gave away the yarn I spun last week, but it later occurred to me that the recipient might not know what to do with it. There wasn’t a lot of yardage, and it was sort of an odd weight. So, I decided to write a pattern for it. I settled on a neckwarmer and began making a prototype. This is it:

Thing a Week #3: Neckwarmer prototype

It’s crochet, and this prototype was made with Patons Soy Wool Stripes. This is an example of a thing-a-week that isn’t quite right… I got the overall stitch pattern I wanted, but I didn’t make it long enough, so the neck opening is too small. That’s ok, though. I’ll write up the pattern and give it another try, which should give me at least two more things-a-week to do!

Thing-a-Week #2

And for my next trick, some yarn!

Thing a Week #2: Handspun

I spun this with Becoming Art Simply Fiber Club fiber, from the January 2011 shipment “Little Bit.” It’s 80% merino wool, 20% tussah silk. I must be doing better at spinning, because I was able to get it to come out at a worsted/aran weight, which is what I was hoping for. It’s pretty dense, though… only got about 120 yards out of 4 oz of fiber.