Thing-a-Week #23

Thing-a-Week #22 was canceled on account of DISNEYLAND. And this week I didn’t get to do a fibery thing because of work stuff, so I processed some of my Disneyland photos instead. Enjoy!


Main Street Station

Goofy's Playhouse

Mickey's Soundsational Parade


Mickey's Fun Wheel


The rest are here.

2011 XXX All Corvette Show

This Sunday was the All Corvette Show at XXX Rootbeer in Issaquah. Despite the weekend forecasts flip-flopping every other day last week, it actually ended up being pretty nice. We drove in at about 9am, found a nice spot in front of a gorgeous ’58, and proceeded to chill out for most of the day. Our entry in the show was a 1971 Corvette coupe, competing against some very nice cars in the early C3 (’68-’73) class.

our car

And, wouldn’t you know it, at the end of the event, we drove off with a rootbeer mug trophy for Best in Class. And our neighbor, the ’58, ended up with Best in Class for C1 and Best in Show! Isn’t that nice? The turnout was great, the show ran smoothly, and there were a lot of really beautiful cars there. Here we are lined up for the awards:

class winners

more class winners

I feel I have to mention the post I made last year about the very same event. I was disappointed that so many of the winners last year belonged to club members, because of the tendency of car clubs to form voting blocs that keep non-club cars from winning. I’m happy to report that that did not happen this year. I’m not just saying this because we won; the winners this year really did include some of the best examples of their classes. So bravo, Corvette Marque Club. I don’t know if you did anything to improve the situation this year, or if it just happened on its own, but thank you. You ran a great show.

2011 XXX All Corvette Show

2011 XXX All Corvette Show

2011 XXX All Corvette Show

2011 XXX All Corvette Show

2011 XXX All Corvette Show

C1 class winner, Best in Show

More photos here.

Thing-a-Week #21

Last Saturday I had a crafting day with my friend Ewenique. In addition to the dyeing I talked about last week, I also got her started weaving on my rigid heddle loom. Unfortunately, we ran out of time that day, and I finished it for her this week so she could have it before she left town. I handed it over Friday night.

Thing a Week #21: Woven Scarf
photo credit: ewenique

Beautiful, isn’t it? That’s Noro Silk Garden Sock on both warp and weft, in contrasting colorways. It was pretty quick to finish, and it turned out great. Good job Ewenique!

Thing-a-Week #20

Another joint venture! This week: dyed fiber. I had a crafting playdate with my friend Ewenique Saturday. We had loads of fun, and spent a good part of the day dyeing yarn and fiber.

Thing a Week #20: dyeing

The yarn is 2 skeins Patons Classic Wool Merino, worsted weight, and the fiber is 8oz of commerical Corriedale that I had. We used Dharma acid dyes, mainly Midnight Blue and a plummy mix of Midnight Blue and Fire Engine Red. They’re still drying now, but Ewenique gets one of those skeins.