See horse? No, seahorse!

My works-in-progress are stacking up (that sea lettuce scarf, still, a purse, and a one-skein scarf from the tour) and I go and cast on yet another project. That’s ok. This one was quick, and cute. Behold, a seahorsie!

The pattern is from Hansigurumi, the yarn just some Red Heart acrylic I had lying around. I made it for my husband, but he doesn’t appreciate it. At least I had fun making it. :P

2008 LYS Tour

This weekend was the 2008 LYS Tour in the Puget Sound region! I didn’t do last year’s event, but this year I jumped right in and went to all 24 stores on the tour, in 3 days. Go me!


On Day 1, I headed north to Bellingham, then worked my way south. The day started out overcast, but by the time I hit Lake Samish, the sun came out and it was gorgeous. The trip took a whole tank of gas (go go 8-cylinder muscle car!). The shops I visted were:
Great Yarns, Everett
My first stop, what a nice shop! The free pattern there was for a beaded sock, and they had a fun little scavenger hunt game to find all the samples marked as one skein. I only found 10, but there were actually around 20. Apparently I’m not a good scavenger! They gave me a little treat bag for the effort, a ball of Lana Grossa Qui. Thanks, Great Yarns!
Apple Yarns, Bellingham
After Everett, I drove up to Bellingham. Apple Yarns wasn’t on the tour list, but as long as I was there, I decided to stop in. I’m glad I did. Apple Yarns is a bright, airy store, and the people were very friendly. They had a free pattern for a hat, and I bought a skein of Sheep Shop Yarn in a fiery yellow-red varigated colorway. Lovely!
J&J Needle Art, Bellingham
Still in Bellingham, I headed over to J&J. The ladies there spent a lot of time with me discussing yarns and projects. I picked up their pattern and some yarn for a wine/water bottle cover. The proprietor’s husband showed off some of his needlepoint designs.
NW Handspun, Bellingham
And downtown, finally, to NW Handspun. I love this store! Lots of lovely yarns, and an area upstairs dedicated to spinning and weaving. The free pattern was for a little beanie in Cascade Fixation. So cute! And, I fell in love with Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend, which I haven’t tried yet. So naturally I had to get some of that.
Knot Just Yarn, Burlington
Back down I-5 a bit to Burlington. I like this store a lot, too, and they had some of my "i’m from ravelry" stickers out! Their free pattern was a felted Malabrigo bag. Had to get some of that Malabrigo!
Ana-Cross Stitch, Anacortes
And out for a side trip to Anacortes. The scarf they had for their pattern was gorgeous. I ended up buying some Noro Transitions yarn that was on sale, but in hindsight I think I should have gotten some of the featured yarn. Darn!
WildFibers, Mount Vernon
This was a neat store. Their pattern was for a floppy beanie in Rowan Felted Tweed. Picked some of that up, plus a skein of Soxie and two balls of Kidsilk Haze for a really beautiful seed stitch scarf they had on display.
After Wild Fibers, I headed home. Boy was I beat!


I called Day 2 my "Ring around Seattle." I hit the shops around the periphery of the city. Up I-405, and down I-5. Nice day, not too hot, not too cold. Juuuuuust right.
Hilltop East, Bellevue
First stop of the day was on the East side. I hadn’t been to Hilltop East in a while, and it was just as nice as I remembered. The free pattern was for a pretty lace shawl.
Main Street Yarn, Mill Creek
After a brief search for a decent price on gas (yeah, right!), I stopped at Main Street Yarn. Another bright, airy shop, with lots of yarn to choose from. Their pattern was for a ripple scarf that could be done with a variety of sock yarns. I chose Colinette Jitterbug in their beautiful Jay blue and green colorway.
Now this is a unique shop. They’re situated in a "live to work" community, with residences on one side of the street and shops on the other. The free pattern was for a little purse in Frog Tree Alpaca or Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed. I chose a skein of rust-colored Silky Tweed.
Spin a Yarn, Edmonds
Another great little shop, and hey, who can argue with a free cookie? The pattern was for a Kureyon Sock shawl. Nice. I have some Kureyon sock yarn already, so I picked up a beautiful blue skein of Jitterbug. (This was the display color for Main Street’s scarf, but they’d run out of it there. I just had to get it!).
This is easily the best-smelling shop of the lot. They told me it was because they were baking cookies. Again with the cookies. The free pattern was for a pair of socks in Claudia Hand Painted Fingering. You know, I haven’t really knit socks before, but after this trip, I’m going to have to start.
Seattle Yarn, Seattle
Now down to West Seattle. I’d gotten a late start today, and went through downtown right at the exact wrong time for traffic. Augh. Nice store though, stuffed to the gills with yarn, yarn, yarn! They had two free patterns: a knitted baseball and crocheted earrings.
Ooh, I like this store. And they’re so friendly! Their pattern was a knitted flowered lariat. A skein of Zitron Trekking Handart leapt into my hands while I was there so I had to take it home.
The Knittery, Renton
I hadn’t been to the Knittery for years, but I knew exactly where it was. The free pattern was for a cabled bag, but somehow I ended up with more sock yarn, a gorgeous skein of Araucania Ranco Multy. Hey, me! I don’t knit socks! Or… I didn’t!
And now to my "home" LYS! Happy to see Nancy and William, as always. Their pattern was for a cute washcloth in Mirasol Sampa. I got some in a pretty baby blue.
And, that’s it for Day 2. I was spent! At least I was close to home at the end.


Oh man, was it hot. After the first couple of stops, I took the tops off my car and cruised from store to store. Felt like summer!
Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, Bainbridge Island
My plan was to hit the ferry first thing. I almost didn’t get parked in time, but I just barely made it on the boat. I was going to knit on the ferry, but it was just too nice out, so I stood up front and basked in the sun and wind. After the ferry arrived, it was a quick walk to the shop, and I was in heaven. It really is a lovely store. Their pattern was for some fingerless gloves in Manos Silk Blend. Got some of that, then I stumbled on a beautiful Baby Surprise Jacket sample in Koigu KPPPM. So I had to get that too. And I got a cute little free tape measure to boot!
So Much Yarn, Seattle
Back on the ferry, I didn’t knit again. I just sat and relaxed. After getting off the ferry, I walked up to So Much Yarn. I’ve done that walk before, from the waterfront up the steep hill to the shop, but it was a killer this time because of the heat. I had to sit a while in the air-conditioned shop before I felt up to experiencing what they had to offer. Their free pattern was for a scarf and for socks. Why did I do the socks, again? Oh, that’s right, it’s beacuse they were in Dream in Color Smooshy. Couldn’t pass that up.
Hilltop Yarn, Seattle
Back to the car ($16 for a little over 3 hours parking!) and up to Queen Anne Hill. Hilltop is so nice, and they had 5 or so patterns to choose from. I picked the Seattle Salmon and some Blue Sky Dyed Cotton in shell pink.
Up to Ballard. There was a Norwegian street festival going on, but I managed to get up there without too much hassle. The free pattern was for a little felted (or not!) purse. I picked up some Reynolds Santana for that.
Fiber Gallery, Seattle
East to the Fiber Gallery. They had a cute little baby sweater as the free pattern. There was some blue and brown Malabrigo Merino Worsted yarn that was crying for me to take it home, so I did.
This neat store is in an old schoolhouse. The Wallingford shopping center is pretty cool. The free pattern was for a neck warmer, but I ended up with some Filatura Baby Kid Extra for a felted scarf they had on display as a store pattern. It was gorgeous, and the yarn was on sale! Can’t beat that!
This was a neat place. They had lots of yarn, plus other fiber. The free pattern was for a felted tea cozy or a bamboo discloth. I opted for the dishcloth, and got a skein green SWTC Bamboo to make it with.
Acorn Street, Seattle
In the home stretch! I headed over to Acorn Street, but I didn’t see any streets near there named Acorn. They had a felted bag on as their free pattern, made with Alpine 14 Ply. The skein is huge! I picked up some up in purple.
Tricoter, Seattle
And last but not least, I ended my tour at Tricoter. I was the first person to complete the tour at their store, and they were so excited to make that last stamp! Their free pattern was for a beautiful shawl in Filatura Superior. I got some in green for that, plus some Blue Moon Leticia for good measure. Now, when I got home, I discovered an extra lavender ball of Superior had squirrelled itself away in my bag, so I’m going to have to take it back. Sorry, little lavender beauty, I can’t keep you. You’re not mine!
After some time at the last shop, I finally headed home for good. I was tired, but man, was it worth it. Thanks to the organizers and all the shop owners! I’d count this tour as a success!


I got distracted again. I started yet another project (that isn’t my sea lettuce scarf) that I’m using a number of stitch markers on. I have a little pouch I carry them in, but as I was using them, they just kind of got dumped out and scattered around. So, I thought to myself, I need something to put these in while I’m working with them. A knitted, felted bowl would be nice.
Naturally, I couldn’t just make one, because then it’d be lonely. Two is nice, but hardly worth throwing in the washer to felt. Three is just right.
Three felted bowls, all the smallest size from the nested bowls pattern in Quick to Felt Gifts by Carol Bristol Designs. I had a bunch of half-skeins of Noro Kureyon lying around, so I used some of those. I held a strand of Kureyon with a strand of Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted to knit the bowl, then threw all three into a pillowcase and felted them in the washer. It turns out that Genisoy Protein Shake canisters are the perfect size to block them with.

The green one felted the most and got the smallest, even though all were done at the same time with same kind of yarn. Go fig.


Nothing like a birth to get motivated to knit something special. One of my oldest internet friends recently had a baby, so I sent along some stuff.
For the newborn, a pair of booties and a hat. These were knit with Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy yarn, from the Sjartee’s Bootees pattern, and a modified Jewel baby hat pattern.


I also missed the birth of the baby’s older brother, so I sent him a dragon, from the Norberta pattern on, knit with GGH Veneto yarn. Doesn’t he look like he needs a hug?

I’m still working on that Sea Lettuce scarf. I get distracted!