Spin Spun

Just a quickie. Spun this up last week. Polworth from Becoming Art’s Simply Fiber Club selection for November 2010, Meadow colorway. Lovely fiber, lovely colors.


Holiday knitting

At last I’m ready to reveal what I was knitting for the holiday. I actually only knit one thing for Christmas, but it was sorta big: a blanket for my brother’s family. It’s huge, about 5′ by 7′, and it’s really soft and squishy.

The pattern is the Knitted Garter Stitch Blanket by Elizabeth Zimmermann, originally published in 1962! It was recently made popular again by designer Jared Flood, who added a few modifications to the original pattern. Since this was for the family, I wanted to go with an easy-care acrylic instead of regular wool, so I chose Lion Brand Hometown USA. It’s very soft.

Garter Stitch Blanket

While I was working on the blanket, I also slipped in a few hats in for a charity Thanksgiving dinner:

Unoriginal Hat A&F Knockoff Hat
Chunky Hat Rugged Ribbed Hat

In order, they are: Unoriginal Hat, A&F Knockoff Hat, Chunky Hat, and Rugged Ribbed Hat, also knit with Lion Brand Hometown USA.

So, that’s it. Nothing mind-blowing, just one big thing and a bunch of little things. Happy holidays!

Christmas eats

I don’t usually write about food, but we had some noteworthy edibles for Christmas that I just had to share. Tonight I attempted to make prime rib for the first time for my husband and myself for Christmas dinner. It turned out really well. You know food that makes you just stop and actually, for reals, go “mmm”? That’s what this was. Not just “yum,” or “this is pretty good”. We actually stopped, looked at each other with surprise, and made almost involuntary vocalizations that came out as “mmmMMM.” Hubby says it’s the best meat he’s ever eaten. I’m not sure if that means this was really really good or he just hasn’t had that much good meat in his lifetime! In any event, it was quite delicious, if I do say so myself.

Prime rib

The meat was just a small prepackaged standing rib from the local QFC grocery store. The recipe was a very simple one from Serious Eats. (Serious Eats also has this very good article about prime rib. Well worth the read!)

I also got a bit nostalgic this year about my grandmother’s Danish cookies. Every year, she would make these almond-topped Christmas cookies and a fried cookie called a Kleiner. Fortunately my aunt still makes them at Christmas and I was able to get my grandmother’s recipes. I made both of them up yesterday.

Kleiners and Christmas cookies

The cookies to the left are Kleiners. The dough is rolled out, cut into diamonds, shaped, deep fried, and coated in sugar. I can’t quite describe what they’re like… similar to a churro but thinner and much firmer. The ones to the right are Danish Christmas cookies. Very much like shortbread or sugar cookies, with an egg-white glaze, cinnamon and sugar, and blanched almond on top. I might play around a bit with rolling the dough out a little thinner, but it’s pretty close to what I remember.

I’ve only cooked up half-batches of each type so far. I’m gonna OD on the stuff!

I have been remiss

I’ve been doing… things… but I just haven’t posted about it. Bad Elle! Anyway, here are some of those… things… I’ve been doing.

First, I spun up some beautiful Targhee top. 8 ounces fingering-weight, 2-ply yarn in the Three Irish Girls Arctic Circle colorway:
Arctic Circle Targhee

And, a while ago, my friend Sherry sent me some Corriedale (or maybe Romney) roving she dyed herself. I was going to ply this, but I liked the way it looked as a single. Very rustic.

Sherry's Corriedale

I did actually manage to get all of that fleece washed, too. I’ve been playing with it off and on, but I’m not ready to show anything yet. I’ve also got a few knitting projects going on… more on that later.