Winner winner chicken dinner!

Ok, not dinner, but it is chicken something.
Just got back from the fair. Walked around, had some food, smelled the smells, saw Weird Al’s Brain, you know, the usual.
And I stopped by the Hobby Hall to see how my chicken did. See for yourself!
Charted Chicken – 1st Place
Division H: Soft Toys and Teddy Bears 
Category: Soft Toys 
Class 3020: Knit Animals or Dolls 
The way this works is that the Hobby Hall has several big divisions for different crafts: woodcarving, leatherworking, dolls, etc. Division H is "Handmade Soft Toys and Teddy Bears." (There’s another division for professional soft toys and teddy bears, too.) Within Division H, there are two categories: Soft Toys, and Handmade Teddy Bears.
Each category is further divided into 9 or 10 classes, to separate fabric animals from fabric dolls, knit from crochet, and so on. My chicken best fit in class 3020, Knit Animals or Dolls. The below picture shows mostly the winners in the Soft Toys category.
The bunny behind my chicken is the big winner. It won 1st place in its class (3005, Stuffed Fabric or Fur Animals, Non-jointed), Best in Category (Soft Toys), and Grand Champion for Division H. The dog next to it placed 1st in its class (3000, Stuffed Fabric or Fur Animals, Jointed) and Reserve Grand Champion the same division.
The peach bunny on the shelf placed 2nd behind my chicken in the knit animals class. So cute!
On the crochet side, the little bear on the shelf placed first in the crochet animals or dolls class (3030). 2nd place in that class went the pink-haired doll next to it, 3rd place is a doll up in the right corner (not shown), and honorable mention went to the little white rabbit in front. I didn’t see any 3rd place or honorable mentions for my class, so I’m not sure if that means there weren’t any other knit entries or they just weren’t displayed in the same case.
Anyway, I’m thrilled. I never thought I’d enter anything in a fair, much less win!

Note: if you want the chart and help finding the pattern, go here!