Surface Tablet Cozy

Last year was an exciting year to work at Microsoft. Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 came out, and to celebrate, Microsoft gave all of its employees Surface tablets. Not to brag, but I was one of them, and one of the first things I had to do was design and write a pattern for a Surface cozy. Naturally.

Download pattern (PDF)

If you recall, I already designed a cozy for another Microsoft device, the late great Zune. I still love Noro, and love showing it off, so I simply adapted the Zune cozy for the Surface. I also added a pocket for a stylus, which is a nice touch (so to speak!).

And, since I know not everyone has a Surface, I also included measurements for various other devices (iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Kindle, etc.) so it can be easily adapted. Aren’t I nice?

The PDF of the pattern is available here. Have fun!

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5 Responses to Surface Tablet Cozy

  1. jsan says:

    this is years later, but what a great idea! I’ve been looking on Ravelry and you might consider posting there–or at least, I’ve not seen it on Ravelry under “Surface” or tablet cozy or…etc. Thank you, thank you! I’m assuming my Surface Pro 4 will fit, but will review the sizes just to be sure ahead of time.

    • Elle says:

      It’s there!

      It has been a few years, and Microsoft has release a whole slew of Surfaces since. I went and checked the dimensions and came up with this:

      Surface RT: 14″ around, 11″ tall
      Surface Pro: 14½” around, 11″ tall
      Surface Pro 2: 14½” around, 11″ tall
      Surface 3: 15¼” around, 10¾” tall
      Surface Pro 3: 16¼” around, 11¾” tall
      Surface Pro 4: 16¼” around, 11¾” tall
      Surface Book (tablet): 17½” around, 12½” tall
      Surface Book (laptop): 19-20″ around, 12½” tall

      I might update the pattern sometime, but until then, there ya go :)

      • jsan says:

        You are awesome! I, on the other hand, am inept. I found it on Ravelry right after my last post. Doh! Thank you so much for the new dimensions.

  2. Kittychix says:

    Will it be adaptable to the PRO? ;D

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