Stitches West 2010

This weekend I went down to Stitches West. Stitches is a big knitting convention put on by XRX, Inc., the publishers of Knitter’s Magazine. They have a few of these shows throughout the year at different locations. This one ran Thursday through Sunday in Santa Clara, California.
I was a big poopyhead and didn’t take pictures, so if you want to get a better idea of what Stitches was like, there are some entries about it at the official KniTalk blog, here.
Anyway, I arrived in Santa Clara Wednesday night, to beat the rush. I hung out in the lobby for a little bit, but ended up eating dinner in my room. So lonely. Don’t feel bad for me, though… circumstances totally reversed themselves over the next couple of nights.
I took a pretty full slate of classes. Thursday afternoon was a backwards knitting class, and Friday afternoon I took a cable class. Saturday I spent all day in a lace knitting class, and Sunday morning I had a finishing class. Really good classes; I learned a lot and got inspired to make a bunch of stuff (that I’ll probably never start but that’s another story). Most of the rest of the time was spent at the market, which took up most of the convention center’s expo hall. It was huge.
I wasn’t lonely after Wednesday because on Thursday I was joined by Sherry, a random stranger on Ravelry that I took in as a roommate at the hotel. She was nice enough to let me pal around with her while we weren’t in classes, and she introduced me to her friends from the Yarn Cottage, a vibrant and lively group of crazy knitters. And let me tell you, that was a hoot and a half. Margaritas in a hotel room one night, pajama party the next. It was amazing.
The Night Owl pajama party even made into the KniTalk blog. You can just see me in the background of some of the pictures there, in the pink shirt. It started out as a little get-together for the group, but it caught the attention of the Stitches organizers and sponsors. We even got prizes! I won a few skeins of Malabrigo and some Kollage. Yummy.
So, now I’m back from California, just barely recharged, and eagerly anticipating next year’s Stitches event. In the meantime, I made loads of new friends and had a great time. Yay knitting!