Still alive

Things have been a bit quiet around here. I haven’t been very crafty lately, but I have had a project on the needles for the last few months. Just a hat, which I’ve just been stabbing at a few rows at a time here and there, so it took a while. Just finished it, so here it is!

Lace beret

The pattern is Soft Linen Lace Beret by Meg Myers, for Classic Elite Yarns. The yarn isn’t linen, though, it’s wool. Dream in Color Everlasting DK (100% merino superwash wool) in colorway Tidewater. Very pretty color. The beret is on my head as I type this. Nice and cozy.

Lace beret

Lace beret

Happy fall!

Well, hello there.

Things have been quiet on the crafting front. Nice to take a break after all those Things-a-Week. But, I did recently finish something small: a little baby hat.

Baby hat

The pattern is Easy Peasy Newborn Sock Hat by Keri McKiernan, and the yarn is Pagewood Farms Yukon (70% superwash merino wool, 20% bamboo, 10% nylon) in color “Greens.” This is going to my aesthetician who’s due any day now (but not before I see her next, tomorrow!). The hat is lovely and soft and so tiny!

Baby hat

Thing-a-Week #50

While I was in California at Stitches West, I met up with a high-school friend and her family. Knowing I was going to be meeting them, I decided to whip up a hat for their boy while at the conference. Well, I sort of ran out of time and decided to delay it a week.

Thing a Week #50: Cozy hat

This hat is called Cozy by Alison Williams (she also made it available as a free Ravelry download). The yarn is Crystal Palace Cotton Twirl in colorways “Blue Bonnet” and “Ketchup.”

I’m not sure I’d use this yarn for this particular hat again; while it’s a great yarn and I would use it in other projects, it was really difficult to get gauge for this one and I think the hat may actually be a little big. Which is ok, I suppose, since kids’ heads only get bigger.

Thing-a-Week #45

Last year, I made a Marsan Watchcap for my husband for our anniversary. He’s been wearing it a lot lately, out in the garage, because he needed something warm that wouldn’t get knocked off his head every time he had to roll around under a car or something.

Anyway, we were discussing said hat, and how rarely he wants anything I make, and then he said he’d like to have a hat like Jayne wore on “the Message” episode of the Firefly TV series.

Hold. The. Phone.

Did he actually 1) request a knit item from me, and 2) want something as ultra-nerdy as Jayne’s hat?

Yes, and omg yes.

As luck would have it, I bought the yarn a couple of years ago for this exact project. For me, because I never dreamed he’d actually want one. Naturally, I dropped everything and made it right away. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a Cunning Hat.

Thing a Week #45: Cunning Hat
Unfortunately, he declined to model it.

The pattern is Cunning Jayne Cobb Hat by Keiyla Renee. The yarn is Vanna’s Choice acrylic held double. Simple, easy, and sweetly hideous. (Or is that hideously sweet?)

“A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything.”

Except maybe getting his picture took.

Holiday knitting

At last I’m ready to reveal what I was knitting for the holiday. I actually only knit one thing for Christmas, but it was sorta big: a blanket for my brother’s family. It’s huge, about 5′ by 7′, and it’s really soft and squishy.

The pattern is the Knitted Garter Stitch Blanket by Elizabeth Zimmermann, originally published in 1962! It was recently made popular again by designer Jared Flood, who added a few modifications to the original pattern. Since this was for the family, I wanted to go with an easy-care acrylic instead of regular wool, so I chose Lion Brand Hometown USA. It’s very soft.

Garter Stitch Blanket

While I was working on the blanket, I also slipped in a few hats in for a charity Thanksgiving dinner:

Unoriginal Hat A&F Knockoff Hat
Chunky Hat Rugged Ribbed Hat

In order, they are: Unoriginal Hat, A&F Knockoff Hat, Chunky Hat, and Rugged Ribbed Hat, also knit with Lion Brand Hometown USA.

So, that’s it. Nothing mind-blowing, just one big thing and a bunch of little things. Happy holidays!

More projects

Thought I’d share some recent projects. Just some small things.
The pattern is Slouched Tuva Hat by Turvid. I made this for a friend at work. The yarn is SWTC Bamboo. It’s very soft and drapey. Maybe a little too drapey for a hat, but it’s cute.
These fingerless gloves were made from a pattern and yarn I got on the 2009 LYS Tour. They’re Evergreen (Everpink!) Mitts from Renaissance Yarns, and the yarn is Punta Yarns Merisoft.
My mother came to visit last month. When she saw a felted booga bag I made a while ago (pictured at left, below), she had to have a camera case just like it (duh, at right). Fortunately, I still had the yarn, Paton’s Classic Wool Merino.

I measured her camera, knit a bag 2-3 times its size (items shrink when felted!) and tossed it in the washer. It felted down perfectly. I made a little stretching frame out of wire hanger to make it dry square, and voila! For the fastener, I attached a black elastic hair tie to the flap before felting, and added a plastic button after it was all done. I even cut a hole in the top for her wrist strap to poke through. It worked great, and it was finished in time for her to take it home.
While my mother was here, I took her to my LYS, Renaissance Yarns. She’s not a knitter, but I think she appreciated it all the same. She saw a little neckwarmer they had on display, and of course I had to get the yarn (Elsebeth Lavold Silky Cashmere) and pattern to make it for her.
This brings me to a side rant, a common practice by LYSes that bothers me quite a bit. The pattern for the neckwarmer is presented as a shop pattern: Silky Cashmere Neck Warmer. It’s free with purchase of the suggested yarn. When I went to find the pattern on Ravelry, I found an almost identical pattern called the Paddington Neck Warmer, a totally free pattern available for download on Ravelry.
What the yarn shop had done was to take the Paddington Neck Warmer pattern, swap in a different name and yarn, adjust the measurements (the original pattern was meant for bulky yarn, the shop pattern for worsted/aran), and print it as their own, down to the shop info on the sheet. The wording of the pattern itself was the same. Even punctuation and capitalization was the same as the original pattern. I love this shop, but as far as I’m concerned, they have plagiarized the pattern. They are profiting on another person’s work–by making money on the sale of the required yarn–without the designer’s permission. It’s unconscionable.

So of course I give full credit to the original designer for this pattern: Paddington Neck Warmer by Roxanne Wood, proprietor of Windy Spirits Woolery. Great pattern!
And finally, here’s a bubble hat, or, if you prefer, Boblehuen, byt Vridd Vrang. (Yes, it’s written in Norwegian, but there is an English version available for download on Ravelry.) I made this for a friend at work. The yarn is Jojoland Rhythm.
So, we’re all caught up for now. I’m currently working on a new shawl for myself, but who knows when I’ll ever get around to posting that! ;)

Catching up, again

I had some additional projects in the works over the last few months, but never got around to posting them. So here they are.
First, in May, I knit a cute little cotton sweater for Trixie’s new baby.
The pattern is Offset Wraplan by Sara Morris, knit in Cascade Yarns Cotton Rich DK. I really liked the yarn, nice and soft.
Then, in June, I knit a chemo cap for my uncle.
Pattern is Marsan Watchcap by Staceyjoy Elkin, knit with Star Castle Fiber Mill Alpaca Sport. I got the yarn at Alpacapalooza earlier this year, and it’s super soft. Star Castle is a small mill in Oregon, and the fiber came from two alpacas, Mystique and Willow, at Camp David Alpacas, also in Oregon. It’s kind of neat to be able to trace the fiber back to the animals from which it’s shorn.
I’ve been working on this scarf for half a year. It was my take-along project, kept in a small bag that I’d take out when I was stuck somewhere with free time. That didn’t happen very often, so progress was slow, and I just finished it in July.
The pattern is One Row Handspun Scarf by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot. The yarn is Black Bunny Fibers Mohair/Wool, which I’d won as a major award for a Ravelry fundraiser. Glad to finally finish something with that yarn!
I also joined my first yarn club earlier this year, and I finally made something with some of the yarn. It was a pretty quick project that took about a week of crocheting in the evenings. I just finished it last weekend.
The pattern is Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf by Khebhin Gibbons. The yarn is Three Irish Girls Wexford Merino Silk in Cherry Blossom, an exclusive colorway just for the club.
Looks like I’ve been busy. Didn’t seem like it at the time, but I guess I was!

Noro Catherine Wheel Hat

I started on this project back in March, soon after I posted my Noro Catherine Wheel Scarf. One of the very creative people on Ravelry had created both a scarf and a set of fingerless mitts from the scarf pattern, and thought it’d be great if I wrote up a hat, too. So, here’s the hat!
Like the scarf, this hat uses a repeated Catherine Wheel stitch, and incorporates the same ruffled border for the edge. I used the same Noro Silk Garden yarn that did for the scarf.
While I completed the hat in April, I didn’t finish writing the pattern till today. Better late than never, right? It’s now available here in PDF format. Have fun!

Catching up

It’s been a while since I posted. Been knitting things here and there, but haven’t actually finished anything. Except these two hats back in October:
They’re both done in the Unoriginal Hat pattern by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. The first one was knit with Blue Moon Leticia. It’s a wonderful, soft wool, but the hat came out a little tall. So, I chopped a few rows off the pattern and ended up with the second one, in Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick.
I’ve put aside that purse I’ve been trying to finish, and have a couple of scarves and some slippers in the works. I can’t seem to finish anything! Probably has something to do with getting bored and starting a new project before finishing others. I’m on vacation this week, and I’m still not getting much done.
Good thing I’m off, though. I’ve been pretty much trapped in my house all week. It snowed this weekend, and it’s been so cold that stuff hasn’t really been melting, making the roads an icy mess. I was able to get out Tuesday to the store and post office. I had a hair appointment up in Seattle Wednesday, which I cancelled because the forecasts said another storm was rolling in, but it kept taking its time to get here (and was warm enough for the roads to mostly melt), so I probably really could have gone. Grr. The storm arrived last night, and everything is covered in snow. It’s still snowing now. At least it’s pretty.


Nothing like a birth to get motivated to knit something special. One of my oldest internet friends recently had a baby, so I sent along some stuff.
For the newborn, a pair of booties and a hat. These were knit with Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy yarn, from the Sjartee’s Bootees pattern, and a modified Jewel baby hat pattern.


I also missed the birth of the baby’s older brother, so I sent him a dragon, from the Norberta pattern on, knit with GGH Veneto yarn. Doesn’t he look like he needs a hug?

I’m still working on that Sea Lettuce scarf. I get distracted!