Christmas in March

Back in January I mentioned that I was still working on two more gifts for the family. I actually completed them a couple of weeks ago, but they’ve finally arrived at their destinations, so I won’t spoil the surprise by posting them now.
First, a scarf for my brother. This is the Seed Stitch Scarf pattern from the Holiday 2006 issue of KnitSimple magazine. The yarn is Cascade Pastaza Paints. This was so late that I wrote a note that maybe he could use it next winter, but then I guess a big blizzard hit over the weekend. Yeah, I planned it that way.

The last "Christmas" knitted gift is for my mother. It’s another hat, again from the Three Tams pattern on Knitty. The yarns are Cascade 220 and Noro Silk Garden. My mom likes red, so I picked out the red first then tried to find a Silk Garden colorway that would work. (Actually, all of the family christmas gifts have a red theme, if you haven’t noticed!)
Merry Christmas, fam!

Fun with coworkers, part deux

I promised my friend TriXie a hat, and a hat she got. Behold the Tam 4 Trixie!


The pattern is from Three Tams on Knitty. It was knit with Lion Cashmere Blend in Navy and Southwest Trading Company Karaoke in Ocean. It’s soft soft soft! TriXie tells me she’ll be wearing this on her Germany trip this week. Bon voyage, Trix!