Stitches West 2014: Day 1

Hey! I’m doing pretty good on this posting thing! Two in a row!

So today was opening day of Stitches West 2014. I, having stayed up much too late last night, completely missed the Opening Day Spotlight, but was able to make the luncheon afterwards. Because, you know, food.

I didn’t have any classes today, so I took it easy, knitted some, and then went to the market preview. This is when they open the doors to students only for a few hours (no public, that starts tomorrow). Here’s what that small crowd looks like:

And a quick glimpse of the market going in right after the doors opened:

After the market I met up with my budz and we went to dinner, and came back and had margaritas. Ole’.

Tomorrow I have an all-day felting class. Wish me luck!