And now a word from our sponsor.

Not really; I have no sponsors. I am going to pimp some products right now, though.

Last year at Stitches West 2011, there was one item that everyone flocked to in the marketplace: the Stitch Light by Buffy Ann Designs. I bought one, of course, and made a friend in the process, owner Liz Schaeffer. Saw her again at Sock Summit last year, and just last week at Stitches West 2012. She’s so nice that I decided to write something about her stuff.

Yarn Cozy & Stitch Light
Yarn Cozy & Stitch Light

First off we have the Stitch Light, a nifty little gadget that hangs around your neck and focuses light from an LED light on your knitting or whatever you’re doing with your hands. It’s a nice little design, stays put on your chest and has a cute little pouch for storing stitch markers and the like. I got the purple one last year (matched my hair), but this year I got a new improved teal pouch for it (to match my hair!).

Stitch Light
So handy!

New this year (I think!) is the Yarn Cozy. It’s a little sock for your yarn, to keep your ball or cake or skein from coming apart while you’re working with it. I think they look like little yarn panties, myself. They come 3 to a pack. And they do hold yarn together nicely; maybe I can quit using plastic baggies now.

Yarn Cozy
Everyone loves cozy balls!

So, that’s it. Two little things that’ll make your fibery life just a little easier.

Note: In the interst of full disclosure, while I bought my Stitch Light last year, Liz did give me a package of Yarn Cozies and a new pouch and strap for my light at this year’s Stitches. See? I told you she’s nice!


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