Thing-a-Week #43

This is late. I made another woven scarf. That WIP is still on my table loom, so I hopped on the rigid heddle to make this.

Thing a Week #43: Woven Scarf

The warp is Creatively Dyed Yarns Steele in colorway “Corus,” and the weft is Valley Yarns 10/2 Bamboo in black. I was going for a pooled color effect, in which I carefully plan the length of the warp to make the colors match up to make broad stripes. The fine bamboo lets the warp show through rather nicely.

Thing a Week #43: Woven Scarf

“Elle,” you say, “don’t you make anything but scarves?” Yes, I could, but I just find scarves a great way to explore different colors and textures quickly while at the same time producing something I’ll actually use. I’ve been mostly exploring color, but maybe I should try something with texture.


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2 Responses to Thing-a-Week #43

  1. ewenique says:

    oooh, this one’s very pretty too!

    The weave here is more rectangular than square – how do you do that?

    Also, did you set up the warp in such a way that you ended up with bands of blue and black next to each other?

    • Elle says:


      I just didn’t pack the weft as much. It’s actually square, but because it’s warp-faced, you only see the alternating picks, which makes it look rectangular.

      And yes, the yarn would pool (knitting or weaving), so I lined up the colors while warping to ge that effect.

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