So handy

Oh hey look, a post from Elle. How nice of her to join us.

I’ve been on hiatus from my Things-a-Week due to work and other home things, but things are letting up. We did finish that shed I mentioned (um, in September, I’m a bit late). It’s pretty awesome.


The shed is 7′ x 12′ and now houses all of the non-car stuff, like the lawnmower and garden tools, that were cluttering the man-cave garage. It’s built and painted to match the house, and even has cute little leaded-glass windows that hubby picked up from the Millwork Outlet for way cheap ($9 each!).

My husband is so handy that right after the shed, he built an awning for our side patio. He’s a keeper, alright.


He also fell back in love with his 1972 Firebird Formula 455 (pictured) while he was building the awning around it, so that’s what he’s been working on the last couple of weeks. He tries to take me out for rides every chance he gets. :D

Oh, and it’s his birthday tomorrow. Happy birthday, schmoopie.

I do have a couple of crafty items to share, too, so I’ll post those when I take pics.


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One Response to So handy

  1. ewenique says:

    You guys! The shed is sooooo cute! with proper windows and everything. That’s a lot of work you’ve done in the last few weeks. The side awning is pretty cool too.

    and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bryan! I wish you a PERFECT day.

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