Thing-a-Week #19

Right. So, remember the tiny knitting I did last week? This is why I did it:

Thing a Week #19: Tiny Sheep

Yes, it’s a wee sheep. I made this for Ewenique because, well, she requested one! The sheep is made entirely of the Romney wool I processed last year, and I added the tiny knitting project from last week. She stands (er, sits) at about 3 inches tall. It was fun to make, if a bit fiddly because it’s so small. And I only bled once from stabbing myself with the felting needle this time! Go, me!

Thing a Week #19: Tiny Sheep


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9 Responses to Thing-a-Week #19

  1. Karen thomas says:

    Would love to buy also. I collect sheep.

  2. Mary Weimer says:

    Could I buy a copy of the pattern, I have two grandchildren and they would love to have one. I would love to have one also. It is so cute.

    • Elle says:

      There’s no pattern; it’s just needle felted. I took bits of wool and stabbed them with a felting needle until it came out in the shape of a sheep. :)

      I started with some pieces from a batt of undyed Romney wool, and a bit of black and pink wool I had from a class. I pulled pieces off and rolled it up into body, leg, and head pieces, and poked them with the felting needle to shape. Then I tacked the pieces together and added the black and pink bits, both with the felting needle.

      The knitting was just a short bit of flat knitting I did with laceweight yarn and #0 needles. The needles on the sheep are just pieces of toothpicks with beads on the ends. The ball of yarn and knitting on the needles are held together with a bit of strategically-placed fabric glue.

      Not too hard… I find it easier to have a reference photo for the head so I can get the shape right. :)

  3. Sue Street says:

    This is just gorgeous! Do you make them to order? If so, I would love to buy one :)

  4. BE says:

    I absolutely love it… I took the pic for a post in my blog (linking to you, of course)… If you are not OK with that, please let me know and I will remove it. You can see it here:

  5. Mickey says:

    Just darling…keep going !!! 3 or 4 having tea while they knit!!

  6. james mergel says:

    thats very awesome i like doing the tiny knitting on toothpicks, i do socks and little sweaters yes socks lol 5 toothpicks.. i make barbie clothes and use saftey pins for stitch holders, and give them to children in the cancer ward so thier barbies have full fashion accessories :D

  7. ewenique says:

    It’s Val! She sits, knitting away on my bedside table. She is too cute! i love her.

    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow, eeeep!

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