Thing-a-Week #1

Thing-a-Week is a challenge in which one produces one thing each week for a year: song, video, story, crafted item, whatever. Lots of people on the internet are doing it, and I’ve decided to follow suit.

I’ll be doing mine in the realm of fiber (knitting, spinning, felting, etc.), so every Sunday I’ll be posting some fibery thing I made that week. Could be big, could be small. Could be good, could be atrocious. Could be a part of a larger item, or a final piece. The only rule is that I have to start and finish it in that week. I have some doubts that I’ll make it a whole year, but I’m willing to give it a shot!

For my first Thing-a-Week, I present a needle-felted flower. I made this with some of my carded dyed Romney fleece.

Thing a Week #1: Flower


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One Response to Thing-a-Week #1

  1. ewenique says:

    it’s gorgeous! and cute and oh so lovely!

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