Stitches West 2011: Day 1

Day 1 of Stitches West complete! It was a slow starter, but it ended with a bang.

Before I start, there were a couple of more annoyances to add to the list from yesterday. First, I had a hell of a time getting to sleep. (Yeah, I know, waaah.) Then, some school up in Washington calls my phone at 5am and then at 6am to tell me that school is delayed for a couple of hours. I had no idea what they were talking about, but sure do appreciate the wakeup call.

Alright, so, after I caught a couple more Zzzzs, I got up and wandered down to registration and then over to the opening day talk. It was actually pretty good: it was put on by three designers, Gwen Bortner, Myra Wood, and Barbara Kerr, who had undertaken a challenge to come up with interesting semi-crazy designs and present them and their design process to the audience. It was really interesting to see how they came up with their designs. They were all beautiful, too.

Opening Day Spotlight

After the show came an opening day luncheon, where attendees got to meet teachers speed-dating style. The teachers would come around and introduce themselves and their area of expertise. It went really well; the only downside is that we didn’t get to meet all the teachers!

Opening Day Luncheon

After lunch, I hooked up with Sherry, my roommate from last year who also agreed to be my roomie this year. She had to toddle off to an afternoon class, and I was left to wander the halls alone. I didn’t have a class, but I eventually found some other classless knitters to sit with while we waited for the market to open. It was a pretty lousy day outside, too.

Santa Clara weather

Calm before the storm

The market, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a exhibition all full of yarn and knitting vendors. It’s huge. What was deserted only hours before became a hotbed of activity. Sherry and I didn’t get through half the market in the three hours it was open for the preview. It’s nuts.

Line outside market

Stitches Market


After the market, Sherry and I stopped in the hotel lobby for dinner. It took over an hour to get food, and made us late for the Ravelry meetup. Harumph. The meetup was decorated for Valentine’s Day. It was so cute.

Ravelry meetup

And finally, we stopped up in a friend’s room for margaritas before heading to bed. I’m exhausted, and I still have three days to go.


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One Response to Stitches West 2011: Day 1

  1. ewenique says:

    How did I miss this? posted 8 hours ago! I understand your being wiped out, visually it’s overwhelming.

    Glad to read that things are picking up.

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