Stitches West 2011: Prologue

This weekend is Stitches West in Santa Clara. If you remember, I was there last year. The festivities begin tomorrow.

I flew down this afternoon, enduring a succession of minor annoyances: it started with airport security, where I was “randomly selected” for a full body scan. The process itself was unobtrusive and really no worse than what we’ve been subjected to for the last decade. It’s just strange to think that someone in a booth somewhere is eyeing me through my clothes and reporting the results to the pat-down artists on the floor.

So, after that, I got to the gate with plenty of time to spare. The gate area was extremely crowded, so I found a seat by the next gate. I heard frequent announcements about my flight: first class is full, flight is full, etc. But apparently, the boarding announcements themselves are broadcast only to people within five feet of the door. I missed them all. I finally scoot over there at 15 minutes to departure to find that everyone already boarded. Really, guys? You announce everything but boarding over the PA?

The lady at the gate grabs my pass for a moment then hands it back without a word. I head onto the plane. Everyone is already seated, of course, so I go straight to the seat I was assigned. I know I was assigned the seat because I had enough foresight to look at my pass when I first got it. 15A. Ok. Well, yeah, it was 15A, until I got there and noticed a child in my seat and confused looks on her parents’ faces. So I look at my pass, and see that the mute gate lady crossed that out and put me in 6A without mentioning it. Just great. So I trudge back the 9 rows to my seat, looking like an idiot for holding an entire plane up.

I didn’t actually hold the plane up, by the way. We sat there for 15 more minutes before we pushed back anyway. The flight itself was pretty uneventful, though I did have some twit woman behind me remarking on every obvious thing she saw like it was a revelation. OMG, shut up. At least there were no babies crying in my ear.

And one final insult: when I got to my room and opened my bag, I found a note from airport security saying they’d opened up and searched my bag. Thanks TSA!

So here I am, alone in my hotel room, waiting for the convention to start. The sinks at this hotel are as stupid as they were last year:

Sink at the Hyatt

Looks nice, but it’s actually awkward, splashes a lot, and is not very functional.

More tomorrow!


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One Response to Stitches West 2011: Prologue

  1. ewenique says:

    The sinks do look nice and it’s about time airport security got upgraded! Glad you made it there safe and sound. I hope tomorrow banishes all today’s crap :-)

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