Now you’ve gone and done it

Once again, my friend Ewenique has stunned me with her generosity and creativity. She sent a wonderful Christmas gift from across the pond and I love it, despite the efforts of Royal Mail and/or the United States Postal Service to delay and destroy it. Just look!


Let’s see. There are some chocolate macaroons (completely uncrumbly, I might add), and a sweet little case that’ll be great for stitch holders. My jaw just about hit the floor when I saw the Wollmeise yarn, but even that was overshadowed by the splendid box bag. (Wollmeise upstaged? Yes!)

It was all accompanied by a lovely card and a Silly Bandz (dragonfly-shaped to match the zipper pull on the bag, naturally). Even the wrapping paper was amazing. Ewenique, I am thoroughly delighted and enchanted by your gift and by the fact you made that bag for me. Thank you. It’s perfect!

My husband gave me a strange look when I started hugging the bag with a blissful smile. But you understand, don’t you?


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One Response to Now you’ve gone and done it

  1. ewenique says:

    of course I understand. and yay! the macaroons made it in one piece – I paid particular attention to wrapping it this time :-)

    I was at first unsure what shade of wollmeise to send you but quickly realised that like me, you aren’t afraid of colour. That and green works so well with purple and pink.

    I know I gave something away when I asked what your preferred colour combo is and I’m pleased you didn’t guess it was about a sock project bag.

    I hate that once I began to worry I gave the surprise away by asking whether the parcel had arrived or not. But all’s well that ends well.

    Your comments and reactions are both amusing and lovely. Enjoy your pressies, lovely.


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