Holiday knitting

At last I’m ready to reveal what I was knitting for the holiday. I actually only knit one thing for Christmas, but it was sorta big: a blanket for my brother’s family. It’s huge, about 5′ by 7′, and it’s really soft and squishy.

The pattern is the Knitted Garter Stitch Blanket by Elizabeth Zimmermann, originally published in 1962! It was recently made popular again by designer Jared Flood, who added a few modifications to the original pattern. Since this was for the family, I wanted to go with an easy-care acrylic instead of regular wool, so I chose Lion Brand Hometown USA. It’s very soft.

Garter Stitch Blanket

While I was working on the blanket, I also slipped in a few hats in for a charity Thanksgiving dinner:

Unoriginal Hat A&F Knockoff Hat
Chunky Hat Rugged Ribbed Hat

In order, they are: Unoriginal Hat, A&F Knockoff Hat, Chunky Hat, and Rugged Ribbed Hat, also knit with Lion Brand Hometown USA.

So, that’s it. Nothing mind-blowing, just one big thing and a bunch of little things. Happy holidays!


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