I have been remiss

I’ve been doing… things… but I just haven’t posted about it. Bad Elle! Anyway, here are some of those… things… I’ve been doing.

First, I spun up some beautiful Targhee top. 8 ounces fingering-weight, 2-ply yarn in the Three Irish Girls Arctic Circle colorway:
Arctic Circle Targhee

And, a while ago, my friend Sherry sent me some Corriedale (or maybe Romney) roving she dyed herself. I was going to ply this, but I liked the way it looked as a single. Very rustic.

Sherry's Corriedale

I did actually manage to get all of that fleece washed, too. I’ve been playing with it off and on, but I’m not ready to show anything yet. I’ve also got a few knitting projects going on… more on that later.


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One Response to I have been remiss

  1. ewenique says:

    yay, spinning…and knittting! the red and grey single ply would make a gorgeous cardigan – have you enough for that?

    Oh, there’s something headed your way. You are to be very good and not open until Christmas day!


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