Ewe darling!

I received a lovely care package in the mail from my friend Ewenique. I love prezzies! What did I get? Well…
It’s full of love, I can tell. There are tins of strawberry and apple teas from Fortnum & Mason (a company that’s nearly 70 years older than my country); delicious lavender shortbread cookies (this keyboard was relatively crumbless until these came along); a "Mrs. Beeton Traditional Housekeeping" bookmark (yes, I must be a very good housewife with all the recreating I do); two gorgeous bone crochet hooks; a wonderfully fuzzy felted bowl (or very small hat), and an amazingly soft and squishy hank of plum Fyberspates Scrumptious 4-ply silk/merino yarn (did I mention it was soft and squishy?).
All arrived lovingly cradled in a darling fabric pouch. Ewenique, did you make it? The pattern is a repeating squared hearts motif, but if you squint a bit, it looks like a flock of wee sheep. I see the hidden message now: wool = love. ♥
Thank you, Ewenique!

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One Response to Ewe darling!

  1. Sophia says:

    yay! you got it; but those biccies look all crumby :( i guess i know to put them in a box next time. i\’m so pleased you like it all. i didn\’t get round to sending everything i planned but now that my masters dissertation has been handed in, i\’ll rectify that soon(ish!)hugs and kissess

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