No 2010 LYS tour for me

The 2010 LYS Tour was this weekend (May 20-23). 25 yarn shops (25!) in 4 days. I didn’t go. I’d gone last year and the year before, but between work and house stuff this weekend, I just couldn’t make the time.
Instead, I lived vicariously through myself from 2008 and 2009:
I didn’t miss it all, though. I did manage to swing by Cultured Purls on the way home from work Friday, and made a quick hop to the Knitterythe Yarn Stash, and Renaissance Yarns Friday night. At least I got a taste of it, and a few free patterns to boot!

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One Response to No 2010 LYS tour for me

  1. Sophia says:

    a taste? you call 4 yarn stores in one evening a taste? My parcel arrived today and I love EVERYTHING! I\’ve been holding off on mailing yours because the initial plan was to see you in Seattle over Easter then that moved to June and now it\’s looking like we won\’t be there till late summer so I\’m gonna get my arse in gear and mail it already! Have a good Memorial Day weekend!

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