Construction time again

(Yay obscure Depeche Mode reference)
Construction is ongoing. To go back to the start, go here.
It’s early September. The foundation is laid, and it’s time for framing. It went up pretty quick, too. We went to work one day and came home to this:
At the same time, we had them raise the ceiling in the existing third bay of the garage, to make room for lifts. The mess of wires carry cable and power to the rest of the house and were exposed when they tore out the ceiling.
Incidentally, this is about the time that our contractor nearly killed himself. He was pulling out some roofing over the existing garage, and, when it gave way, he fell headfirst off the scaffold, resulting in a concussion and broken shoulder blade. Tough guy, though… after healing up some he was back on the job.
Up goes the second floor:
House wrap and siding:
Roof trusses:
And we’re ready for a roof.
At this point, the exterior wall of the upstairs bedroom is still intact. That’ll be removed after the structure is closed in.
Next: roofing.

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