Construction junction

I’m running out of "construction" titles. If you’re confused, check out the last installment, or start at the beginning.
By now, we’re in the middle of November, and we’re ready to finish this thing. First, we took the opportunity to change our entryway from a pale gray ceramic tile to a striking slate-look porcelain. We did this ourselves.
The sheetrock guy taped, textured, and primed the walls:
And we painted them ourselves.
As a part of this project, we chose to recarpet the whole house. The old carpets were the cheap "upgraded" stuff that came with the house 12 years ago. We picked out some fancy new space-age corn carpet or something. But first, we had to move all of our stuff out and rip up the old carpets. We really decluttered, donating a ton of stuff to Salvation Army and throwing a bunch away. It was also really strange living on bare floors for a couple of days.
The carpet guys came and laid down pads and carpet, and we’re done.
So that’s where we were at by mid-December. Furniture’s in, but we haven’t yet unpacked all the boxes.
Move on to see the final pictures.

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