Bet you thought this would be about construction…

And you’re right! ;)  If you missed what’s going on, step back, or start at the beginning.
It’s mid-October now. It seems like things are slowing down a bit, and we’re not seeing the guys as often. Still, we make progress.
Insulation goes in upstairs.
Sheetrock is loaded (doesn’t that look a little close to the car?!??).
Sheetrock goes up.
Insulation goes in downstairs, and we get a new garage door.
So…. in case you’re wondering, we got a new garage door because we widened the door opening, so it’d be easier to drive in and out. That just caused a heap of trouble. How? Let me tell you.
The third bay of the garage is a lean-to. That is, it’s tacked on to the side of the house, and isn’t part of its main structure. That’s how they easily did two- and three-car garages in this neighborhood: build the main house, then tack on an extra bay. Anyway, that didn’t matter to our inspector. When we widened the door, the inspector told our contractor that he had to reinforce the structure on the main walls of the rest of the house, even though they weren’t being touched by the construction, even though we had a couple of neighbors who widened theirs and didn’t have to do that. That cost us extra, for engineering, labor, and materials. We had a few choice names for the inspector after that.
Anyway, some sheetrock for the garage:
That little outcropping there is the fireplace and ductwork. There are some very specific rules about where you can put your direct vent exhaust pipe, and that’s where it ended up. It terminates over the deck on the other side of the wall.

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