2009 LYS Tour, Day 3

500 miles, and I’m done!
Today I hit the suburbs, what I called last year my "ring around Seattle." Yes, technically some of the stores are still Seattle, but it’s a big place, you know?
Cultured Purls, Issaquah
This one was easy. I drive through Issaquah almost every day on my way to and from work, so I like to stop in on occasion. So glad they got on the tour this year. The free pattern for the tour was for knit fingerless gloves, in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.
Another very lovely store. The free pattern was a choice between a knit Drop Stitch Market Bag or a flower scarf, both in SWTC Tofutsies. I chose the bag, and a skein of blue Tofutsies.
Main Street Yarn, Mill Creek
A hop, skip, and a jump up to Mill Creek to this great store. The free pattern is for Shedir Fingerless Gloves, in Rowan Calmer. They also had some great substitution yarn, Rowan Felted Tweed and an alpaca yarn that escapes me at the moment. Duh.
This shop smells so good, I’m convinced it’s part of a nefarious plan to keep us there buying yarn. The plan is working. Two free patterns: knit Ultra Pleasure fingerless mitts in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine, and crochet felted Spring Tea Cozy in Kauni sock. I bought some Kauni (again) in a pink/purple colorway. I think I’ll make a felted laptop tote with it instead.
Seattle Yarn, Seattle
Over to West Seattle. So much yarn there! Their free pattern was for a Perfect Face Cloth in Louisa Harding Mulberry Silk. Mmmm.
Down to Burien. I love this shop. The free pattern was a crochet jewelry bag in Zitron Savanna and knit felted clog slippers in Cascade Eco Wool. I got the Savanna in a deep purple color.
All Points Yarn, Des Moines (not on tour)
This shop isn’t on the tour, but I met Morgan at Alpacapalooza this year, and told him I’d be by while on the tour, which also coincided with his shop’s anniversary. When I got his newsletter about some new knitter’s looms (like I need another fiber toy, but whatev), I decided it was a sign that I should stop by for sure. Well, Morgan decided to take off to Oregon for a show this weekend, and took his looms with him! Harumph! Now I’ll just have to go back! :P
The Knittery, Renton
Another great little shop that’s been around for, like, ever. I had a quick chat, and was witness to a new knitter’s first completed project, a lovely yellow cap. Congrats! The free pattern was a choice between a knit lace sampler scarf in Classic Elite Silky Alpaca, or a sock (I think!) in… something else. They were almost out of the Silky Alpaca, but I got some in black. They also had some great substitutions.
Last but not least, my home LYS. I turned my passport in to some fanfare (admittedly of my own making!). They had some knit chickens on display for a local contest, and, what do you know, one of them was mine! They were all so cute and creative, it was hard to choose one to vote for (and no, I didn’t vote for my own). The free pattern was for a pair of knit fingerless Evergreen Mitts in a great new yarn I hadn’t seen before: Punta Yarns Merisoft. I bought some in a bright pink colorway.
Man, was it gorgeous today. The sun was out, I took the tops off my car, vroom vroom bask bask bask. What can be better than sunshine and good yarn?
So, it was another successful year, I think. I’m bushed. I’m so glad I have tomorrow to rest!

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