2009 LYS Tour, Day 1

It’s time for the 2009 LYS Tour! I wasn’t sure I was going to do it this year, because I knew I’d end up buying more yarn. But I started it anyway, and I’ve already bought more yarn. Sigh. I’m not going to fight it.
The tour runs today through Sunday. I managed to hit 7 stores today, plus one that wasn’t on the tour. My schedule today was virtually the same as it was last year, starting with stores to the north.
Great Yarns, Everett
I started my journey north with a stop in Everett. The free pattern was for a prayer shawl, one knit and one crochet, in Marble Chunky yarn. I ended up purchasing some of the Marble Chunky in a purple colorway.
Beach Basket Yarns, Birch Bay
Next, I booked it straight to Blaine. On the coast is Birch Bay, a lovely little resort village, with a great little yarn shop right on the bay. I have to admit, I groaned when I saw how far it was, but now I’m glad I went. The patterns there were for a knit boucle cowl in JJ’s Mystique Mohair, and a crochet scarf in Super Ten Butterfly Cotton. I bought neither yarn, but did get some Zitron Trekking Fach.
J&J Needle Art, Bellingham (not on tour)
Since I traveled all that way, I stopped in at the shop. J&J wasn’t on the tour this year, but it was nice to see Jeaninne and Joseph again, and we had a nice chat. Since they weren’t on the tour, there wasn’t a free pattern, but I left with some lovely Plymouth Baby Alpaca Brush yarn and a baby pattern book.
Apple Yarns, Bellingham
I’m glad to see Apple Yarns on the list this year. They didn’t get on the list in time last year, but I visted them then anyway. This year, it was official. Their free pattern was Totally Seamless Booties (knit) and Last Minute Cowl (crochet). I couldn’t resist, and bought some Huckleberry Knits Trilliom Superwash worsted in a bright green colorway.
NW Handspun, Bellingham
I really like this shop. And, since I started spinning last year, a whole new purchasing opportunity has opened up to me. The free pattern was for a knit Ditty Bag in Plymouth Boku. I bought some handpainted BFL fiber for my spinning wheel instead. I also bought the 2009 LYS Tour binder, which is a branded 3-ring binder with 23 page protectors in it to save all the free patterns from the shops. Great idea, really.
Knot Just Yarn, Burlington
This is a great shop, too. The free pattern was for knit Dragonskin Legwarmers in Dream in Color Classy. I ended up with some Kauni sock yarn. Can’t resist those colorways!
Ana-Cross Stitch, Anacortes
I really like Anacortes for some reason. Makes me wonder why I hardly ever go there! The free pattern was for a knit Ear Flap Hat, in Classic Worsted Tapestry. I couldn’t help feeling up most of the yarn in the store. So yummy.
WildFibers, Mount Vernon
Last stop for the day was in Mount Vernon. Cool shop, as always, and the free pattern was for knit Eclectic Mitts in SWTC Tofutsies. I’ve been meaning to try Tofutsies, and they have so many colors to choose from. I ended up with two skeins and a sock book for my trouble.
The north stores taken care of, I’ll be moving on to Seattle in the morning.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    Fighting the yarn is useless, you will buy the yarns and you will loves them! ;)

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