The bestest Christmas gift

I delayed posting this entry until I could add pictures, so here goes.
My dear husband bought me the most wonderfulest gift for Christmas. I usually don’t ask for gifts, for any occasion, but I’d dropped a hint or two this year. I wanted a spinning wheel. Thinking he didn’t pick up on it, or wouldn’t know what to get (the choices are dizzying), I put together a list of good wheels and discreetly "hid" it on my desk. Imagine my surprise when a spinning wheel arrived early, a week before Christmas. Not just any spinning wheel, but a Schacht Matchless.
I hadn’t even put the Matchless on my list because it was too nice. My husband, who doesn’t quite get my fascination with fiber, and calls my hobby "playing with string," did his own research and bought me the wheel he thought was best, before I even made up that list. If that’s not a keeper, I don’t know what is. So, thank you, dear. Thank you, thank you.
Here it is:
Lovely, is it not? Here’s the first yarn I made with it, spun from merino wool from a Swell Yarn Shop, purchased at Renaissance Yarns.
This actually didn’t turn out as well as my attempts on my mother-in-law’s wheel (here and here). I overspun it a bit on the new wheel, and, of course, the thickness is still all over the place. I just need some practice!
And because I didn’t post this before, this is the last one I spun on the borrowed wheel, with some Louet Northern Lights wool top in the Toffee colorway:
I just bought some more fiber, too. Let’s see what I can come up with.

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