Bye bye blue

I took a week vacation with my husband two weeks ago. If you can call it a vacation. We took time off not to lounge around in the sun, but to toil and slave away painting our house. (Got a tan either way!) We returned to work last week, but we still had some trim to do. Finished that, on the front at least, and today I took some pictures.
We’d gotten a letter from the association that we needed to paint our trim, and we thought we might as well just change the color of the whole house. The blue it’s been for the last ten years since it was built has been, let’s just say, suboptimal. It was one of those colors that looked good on the little paint card you get and, well, way too blue when it’s all over the house. Now it’s dark gray with light gray trim ("Dark Ash" and "Pewter Mug" as Behr calls them).
So, here’s our house. Bye bye blue!
Front: before
Front: after
Detail: before
Detail: after
Note the new fixture. I can’t believe we didn’t change it before now. The old one was gross. We actually have some trim items and touchup to do in the back, but it’s mostly done. What a relief. It’s tons better now, no?
Edit: For those of you thinking I was saying bye bye to the blue in my hair, no, it’s still there! That blue is good. Baby puke blue all over the house is not. Sorry for the scare!

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